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"An Afternoon With" is an intimate video and portrait series. Each episode follows a different individual as they live a carefree afternoon, documenting the ordinary moments that reveal the essence of who they are. We’ll focus on small joys and everyday magic, seeing the different perspectives that make everyone unique.

Each episode will be voiced by an interview recorded on analog tape, splicing together the individual's thoughts and emotions with music and atmospheric sound recordings. The resulting audio will feel like a memory of a memory brought to life.

At it’s heart, the series will be like a daydream floating through the vibrant creative landscape of our world. Celebrating people who make life special, capturing these moments in time.


We’ll shoot each video over a one full day, mixing digital and analog formats to capture an honest and humble feeling. The camera movements will be floaty, unobtrusive, and searching. Catching all those little moments and details we often overlook like a best friend along for the ride.

We’ll shoot with primarily available lighting, accenting with artificial light here and there as necessary while retaining a natural aesthetic. Everything will feel raw, truthful, in the moment and real.

Our locations will be led by the subject of each video, using their homes, workspaces, and favourite spots around their city. Running free in their most special places.

The final pieces will be about one and half to two minutes long. Short and sweet edits with a quick pace and vibrant cuts that hits deep and cuts right to the core. Like a trailer for a film you’d love to see.

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