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Canadian Tire: Fixing

Hey Nikki,

It’s wonderful to meet you.

I love the concept for ‘Fixing.’ It feels real, honest, vibrant, and genuine, a piece I think that will really resonate with Canadian Tire customers. I’d love to dive in help you bring this concept to life.

I think the key to this piece is finding that beautiful balance where it feels real and in-the-moment, but still retains a high production value with a true cinematic quality.

The moments and scenes need to feel real, like you’re stepping into the world of the story and seeing it through the eyes on the people on screen. Capturing those universal moments everyone experiences when doing their own projects at home. Where the viewer feels invited to step into the story and project themselves into the scenes.

There’s so many fun ways we can do this. Mixing cinema cameras with  shooting on a mobile phone, incorporating small mirrorless cinema cameras with fisheye lenses the actors hold and shoot themselves, and even incorporating still photos into the video. Candid flash snapshots the actors can shoot themselves that we can intertwine as quick fun elements into the edit.

This is a project I’m more than confident to direct and photograph simultaneously to save on scope, as well as to maintain one cohesive vision throughout the shoot.

I’d love to explore the concept further with you. For now, here some of my relevant work I feel fits in with the vibe of your deck.

This is a project I’m genuinely excited about and I’d love to get on a call with you as soon as possible to meet, get aligned on everything and start workshopping ideas for the project.

Reference Project 01: Roots

This is one of my favourite of the many campaigns I’ve shot for roots. The vibe and energy on set that day was truly magical. All the models opened up to the camera. Just being their full genuine selves

I also love the candid point and shoot shots we incorporated into the campaign. I think something like this could be a really fun and unique element to add into this shoot to add another layer to the project.

View full project here.

Reference Project 02: Hask

I think this shoot for the beauty brand Hask is a great reference for what we’re doing here - a strong natural light look, quick cuts, crisp and honest shots.

Moments in time.

View full project here.

Reference Project 03: Holt Renfrew

I always come back to this campaign, it was just a perfect day. It’s about fashion, but to me it was all about emotion and expression. The relationships between the models, drawing out real connection, and feeling free and natural.

We’ll channel this same energy into our talent for Canadian Tire.

View full project here.

Reference Project 04: Canon

Part shoot, part road trip. We really lived what we were filming when we shot this campaign for Canon. The whole crew travelled all around Price Edward County for a weekend making use of the natural world, as well as staged locations.

A perfect day where the viewer feels like a best friend along for the ride.

View full project here.


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