To me, this design exploration all stems from the idea of balance.

The landscape of economics, and the infinite world of the natural.

Structure, and freedom.

Ideas, and reality.

The place where all of this collides.

All blending and circling, coming together as Dawson.




We’re moving forward with the Praktika font choice. I think this typeface is a strong, bold choice for Dawson that will stand out and make a strong impact. It also works well in a lighter weight for the parings with the sub brands.




We’ve designed four modular symbols to make up the iconography for the Dawson logo.

The four symbols represent each of the sub brands:
Klondike 🌊, Spruce 🌳, Logan 🏔️, and Aurora 🌌.

The symbols can be used in conjunction together to make up the main logo for dawson, and can also be rearranged and used in a myriad of ways together. They also stand strongly on their own when paired with the respective sub brands.

Combining the four concepts into one.



Symbols together:

Symbols together with typography:

In use:

Symbols apart:



Below are the requested revisions.
The blue colour will be added in at the final stage.


Logo without the aurora symbol:

(2 variations)

Logo with snow on mountain peak:

(4 variations)

Logo with river below existing design:

3 variations

These variations can all be combined into any permutation:

Full logo lockup:

Option with line & without

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