We’ll open with a brief introductory sequence of enigmatic ambient shots of the artist interacting with the environment and setting up their equipment.

We cut to a wide shot, disconnected as we all are now. Seeing the performer small in the space with dramatic lighting highlighting them in isolation. We’ll hold for a breath in the ambience as the song beings.

As the music starts the camera slowly begins to move inwards towards the artist, inching closer as the song progresses. Bridging the gap between the performer and the viewer, kindling reconnection.

We’ll pace the camera to choreograph with the timing of the song, ending with an intimate frame as the song peaks and ends. As the music fades we see the artist up close, all their emotion highlighted and on display.

We’ll follow this general flow to keep each video in the same aesthetic, but we’ll evolve each piece to make them unique to the vibe of the individual artists.

Some could follow the artist as they walk around and move through the space, or we could film the performers as they play in one spot and we move around them.

We’ll also experiment with light and mood, shooting some with natural daytime light, while others could be darker - shot at twilight and lit with dramatic lighting. The space to play is endless.

In the same world, but always new.