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As a lifelong ketchup enthusiast, I can wholeheartedly relate to the bane of reaching for the legendary red bottle in a restaurant, drizzling that red sauce of the gods onto whatever I’m eating, taking the first bite and having the dreaded realization that ‘this’...‘isn’t’......‘Heinz’.

Your concept for the campaign is spot on, a blend of humour, insight, and capturing a cultural moment. It’s a fine balance, and one I know we can find together.


Let’s bring this idea to life by leaning into the meme culture you’ve drawn  inspiration from. We need to make a commercial spot masquerading as a commercial spot that doesn’t feel like a commercial. It needs to feel honest, candid, real, and authentic. A true deep internet gem like it was something found on Tik Tok rather than an ad.

We’ll choose our camera and lens with the best setup to achieve that genuine feeling of candid quick rack zooms and searching focus. As if a normal restaurant goer is authentically capturing this moment mistakes and all. We could even shoot on an older consumer level camera to get a more gritty and authentic feel.

We could even hear a VO the person ‘filming’ the video whispering to a friend and trying to hide their laughter in disbelief as they secretly shoot, not believing what they’re seeing.

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