Lockdown Sessions

Visual Treatment
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Concept & Flow

Everyone is being hit hard right now, but musicians especially considering that live performances as we’ve known them might be a thing of the past for the near future.

To help the creative community, let’s do what we can and create a format to help musicians connect with their audience during this new normal in an honest and universal way.

Imagine beautiful and warm films of artists performing live in awe-inspiring spaces. One song, filmed with music video quality and album level sound. All shot on true 16mm film for an honest and timeless feel to bring a sense of tactile reality to the screens that have become our portals to human and artistic connection.

These won’t be content pieces rushed out, but short music films doing full artistic justice to the performances we’re capturing.

We’ll open with a brief sequence of ambient shots of the artist in the space, and setting up their equipment. Once the music begins we’ll film the song in its entirety as one long take with no cuts so the audience can experience the piece and connect as one with the artist.

We’ll begin wide, disconnected as we all are now. Seeing the performer small in the space with dramatic lighting highlighting them in isolation. We’ll hold for a breath in the ambience as the song beings.

As the music starts the camera ever so slowly begins to move inwards towards the artist, getting closer and closer as the song progresses. Ever moving inwards, bridging the gap between the performer and the viewer. Reconnecting from our isolated states.

We’ll pace the camera to choreograph perfectly with the timing of the song, ending with an intimate frame as the song peaks and ends. As the music fades we see the artist up close, all their emotion highlighted by the scope of the shot and move we’ve framed it with.  

Simple and profound.


Reference Videos

Reference 01:
Look & feel of 16mm / Candid moments

Reference 02:
One take live session / Singing to backing track

Reference 03:
Use of space & location (Disregard the high crane shot and balloon past 1:30)

Reference 04:
Looping film clips

Still Photgraphy

After we record the performance, we’ll take time to photograph the artists (from a safe distance) so we have unique and beautiful stills to go along with each video.

We can also pull still frames and loops from the 16mm film footage that can be posted and shared.

Typography & Visual Design

We’ll create a unique visual identity to go along with the videos so we can fully control the graphic voice from end to end. The feel will be raw, analog and timeless.

Think film rebate fonts and textures, old slides, faded posters, analog oscillator waveforms, and dusty negatives.


To film these safely and maintain social distancing we’ll completely strip the production down to one cinematographer using a steadicam, one 1st AC, one producer, one audio engineer, myself directing, one photographer, and one production assistant.

The producer will also double up as the safety lead making sure the set is properly sanitized and everyone is keeping a safe distance from one another.

We’ll aim to film three takes of each performance, and then use the best of the three.

We can set up a live feed of the set so anyone else who needs to see the shoot can watch remotely.

To keep the performance safe and nimble, depending on the artist, we can consider stripping down the full band to essential elements. Rather than having all the band members perform, we can have the lead sing along to just one or two instruments, or even give thought to singing live to a backing track.

Having a more unplugged version of the song will also help fit in with the atmosphere we’re creating, and help craft a unique voice for the series that we can make our own, and that fans can’t get elsewhere.


Although we’re crafting this to fit in with the current climate, this is a format I believe can endure and prosper as we reopen, and then evolve once things are back to normal.

We’ll stay nimble and flow with the changing regulations, gradually increasing the scale of the productions, the way the films are shot, and the locations we’re able to use.

I can even envision this culminating as a live event where we can showcase performances by some of the artists we’ve featured, screenings of the films, and large format prints of the stills we’ve captured.

Thank you