Although we’re crafting this to fit in with the current climate, this is a format I believe can evolve and prosper long term.

We’ll stay nimble and flow with the changing regulations, gradually increasing the scale of the productions, the way the films are shot, and the locations we are able to use.

We can envision this growing into one of the preeminent music formats, evolving into a multidisciplinary platform to support artists.

We can look into launching the series with a feature on an existing music platform like The Fader, Pitchfork, etc. to give us a boost and organic PR.

Once things open back up, this could culminate into a live event, where we can showcase performances by some of the artists we’ve featured, have screenings of the films, and large format prints of the stills we’ve captured.

We’ll create a dedicated YouTube channel for 50c run by East Room where we’ll host the videos and drive traffic to. Any party involved can embed that YouTube video on their websites and channels, but all traffic will funnel back to that one post to boost view count and reach.

The artists and brand partner will have the still photographs and teaser videos to share and post on their own channels prior to release.