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Let's show off the goods through design-inspired photography. I want to blend the drinks, food and products with an eye-catching and peculiar aesthetic. Playful, vibrant, carefree and enticing.

We'll shoot these on a mix of film and digital to give everything a tactile and honest feel. Natural, welcoming, and comforting.

We'll elevate the drinks by designing a world around them full of exciting props, floral and plant life, design objects, raw ingredients, and anything related to the drinks and overall aesthetic.

I want to create a sense of being off balance - but feeling just right. An organic vibe, full of life even in the dead of winter.

Zachary is represented by Rodeo Production
Project Inquires: vahid@rodeoproduction.com
General Inquiries: z@zacharyhertzman.com
Telephone: 416 797 5861

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