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I see this shoot spanning three days.

The first will be our prep day, gathering props, setting up the studio and testing the lighting for our still-life shots.

The second day will be our still-life shoot, where we'll photograph the drinks, food, and products. We can either do this at Rodeo, or at Milky's (ideally Cloud Room since it has more space). This day will be all inside with studio lighting, so we can shoot it regardless of the weather.

On the third day, we'll focus on portraits, shooting photographs and videos of the staff and some regulars. We can do this close to the shops and around the neighbourhood. This day would be weather dependant on having some clear skies and sun.

On my end, I can commit to shooting the photography and video, editing the photos and videos, supplying most of the equipment, and providing the studio space at Rodeo.

On your end, I need support on the prop sourcing and tabletop styling for the still-life images and general project management to help organize the shoot days. We can also bring a prop stylist to do the tabletop styling if it's outside Milky's wheelhouse.

We also need a small(ish) budget to cover the props, the cost of the film, the cost of any prints for collage, and potentially a small rental fee for any equipment I don’t own that we might need to source.

Budget Breakdown:
Super 8mm film: $150 / roll
16mm film: $190 / roll
Medium format film: $50 / roll
35mm film: $50 / roll
16mm camera: TBD but not more than $150 / day
Medium format camera: Approx $150 / day for a 6x7 camera
Props: TBD
Prints: TBD

I recommend using four rolls of medium format film, three rolls of Super 8 or 16mm film, and two rolls of 35mm film. We could also use more, or less, or none budget dependant.

Zachary is represented by Rodeo Production
Project Inquires: vahid@rodeoproduction.com
General Inquiries: z@zacharyhertzman.com
Telephone: 416 797 5861

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