Roles & Next Steps

We’ve structred this in a uniqe way where everyone wins.

The arist gets a video, photography, exposure, and an elevated platform to connect with their audience; the creative team gets to make a dream project; East Room is further established as a cultural center in the city and gains a marketing boost; and the brand partner gets a fantastic publicity oppourtunity with a huge value relative to the asking investment.

Rodeo & Zach will be responsible for the creative direction and production of the project to make everything seen on camera happen. This will include producing the shoot day, hiring crew, filming, editing, and delivering the final asssets. Rodeo will help out further by reducing their standard production rates.

East Room will function as the curator providing the space and catering for shoot days, collaborating on the creative direction, handling anything directly related to the artists (from helping to find and choose musicians, to working out the agreements with their mangement, etc.) finding the brand partner to fund the project, working with Public Posession on the merch and branding, and PR for the video release. 

The brand partner will provide funding for the project. They get to attach their name and promote themselves as patrons of the series, have logo visability in the video titles (no product placement in the actual videos), share the stills and teaser videos prior to release on their own channels, and promote and link to the video once released.

We can look into having several brands support individual videos, or have one partner who can support the entire series.

Once we all allign on roles and find the brand parter we can move into pre-production and aim to film the first round by early to mid July.

Ideally we can begin with two shoot days and four artists, filming two artists per shoot day. 

This will give us enough material to launch the series, releasing a video every week (or two weeks depending on how we want to spread it out) with teaser videos and still photographs released in the interim.

Thank You