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Symbol, Logo & Sub Brand Concept

We’ll build on the idea of creating a modular system for the logo comprised of four parts:

01: The typography for ‘Dawson’.
02: The typography for the four current sub products ‘Spruce, Klondike, Aurora, & Logan’.
03: The layout of ‘Dawson’ incorporating the sub brands.
04: Three symbols representing a tree (Spruce), a mountain (Logan), sky (Aurora) and a river (Klondike).

Together, the four symbols combined will make up the main icon to pair with ‘Dawson’ for the primary logo, and they can also be used independently on their own, or seperated to pair with each respective sub product.

I’ve drafted up wireframes below for the layout concepts.


Wireframe 01: Main Logo with Symbols

Wireframe 02: Logo Typography with Sub Product

Wireframe 03: Full Logo with Sub Product

Wireframe 04: Sub Product with Symbol

Wireframe 05: Symbols Only 

Wireframe 06: Symbols Working Independently

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