Zachary Hertzman is an artist who believes in the power of human potential. 
His purpose is to turn ideas into reality, strengthen his inner self, and live a life of curiosity, balance, and joy. Helping others alongside to realize their own dreams and flow deeper into these qualities themselves.

He does this by executing creative projects in the fields of photography, film, AI, and creative direction; leading experiences; facilitating deep inner work; and pushing himself through physical challenges.

To understand that limits only exist in the mind.

Smiling every step of the way. Leading by example. Appreciating every second.

Distilling all that energy down into the click of a camera, the humming of a new idea, the joy of being in the present moment. Relaxing into it. Building momentum. Allowing it to carry him until everything just feels right. 

Underlying it all, just listening. 

Knowing that everything is possible.

Phone: 416 797 5861
Instagram:  @zacharyhertzman
Agent:  Rodeo Production

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